It’s with short story that I first learned the basics of professional writing.  My degree in Imaginative Writing required I write a lot of short fiction and in turn – read a lot too.

In 2008 Comma Press published a short story of mine entitled ‘Inside Out’.  It was translated into Italian and displayed in both languages at a book launch, in the Bluecoat Chambers, Liverpool.  Alexei Sayle presented the launch and the occasion was dubbed ‘One of the last events of the Capital of Culture year.’  Both versions of the story are available to read via the Comma Translation website.

Through short story writing I have developed the creativity to do what I do best – write copy.  For that I owe a lot to the form and would love to put together a collection in the near future.

Due to the language used in some of the stories, I don’t think it would be wise to display them here.  If you would like to read anything of mine then please get in touch and I’d be happy to send files direct to your e-mail.

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