Mersey Tigers

Mersey Tigers are the number one professional basketball team in Britain at the moment.  I began working with them through JDG Media in November 2010 and have since progressed rapidly as a sports journalist.

I produce content for their official website, their match day programmes and the local newspapers.  Working with one of JDG Media’s top clients requires me to write to a consistently high standard, with the best interests of the client always in mind.

Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Sky Sports and Granada Reports, at venues like the O2 Arena, is a major perk of the job and I’ve been lucky enough to press alongside some of the country’s top journos as a result.

The opportunity to interview pro athletes from the British Basketball League has been a major bonus for me too.  Transcribing these interviews quickly is essential when writing match reports and choosing which quotes to actually use in the report, is often a delicate task.

When covering the game, I’m also responsible for regularly updating the Facebook and Twitter pages for the Tigers.

Overall, the experience I’ve gained from working with such an organisation has dramatically enhanced my abilities as a reporter.

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