S for Stop doing this stupid backwards alphabet themed blog

A slightly negative title I admit.  However, I have learned an important lesson this week – a themed blog can be a restricted blog.  Blogging for yourself should be fun and useful…

Creating original copy off the cuff for various clients is a key trait of any copywriter but coming up with the goods for your own website can be a little trickier.

I started this backwards alphabet thing a few weeks ago and I’ve already skipped X, Y and W because I had better letters to talk about.  The beauty of writing for yourself is that you can come up with the titles yourself – so why limit the creativity to a pre-designed, dull, framework?

This blog was originally going to be named ‘S for Seat’ and I was planning on discussing different seating postures when using a laptop.  Although the piece would have been a useful guide to refer to, it would have also been a pain in the back to write!

Forcing an article because you just think it’s about time you wrote something, will inevitably leave weak seams in the content, which give the game away.  If you’re not enjoying the process, then the product won’t be enjoyed by the reader.

I find myself writing blogs for this website as a form of therapy, when I’ve been carrying out too many other, non-writing, tasks.  I’ve been compiling a lot of data on MS Excel as part of a PR contract and sometimes, such a job can feel like it’s killing more brain cells than daytime TV.

Mix it up and treat your personal blog as a hobby.  If you consider your own website as a client, it’s only a matter of time before you start invoicing yourself.

For the record – avoid arching forward when using a computer, sit in a comfortable seat with a head rest and ideally, operate in a well lit environment.

Imagine I tried to stretch those details across 350 words (actually, that reminds me – always make sure you stretch regularly throughout a day at the desk).

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