The Huffington Post – Giz a game!

The Huffington Post was launched in 2005 in the US and rapidly became one of the world’s largest online newspapers.  With the news of the Huff branching out to the UK, it’s needless to say – I want in!

Embarrassingly, I only heard about the UK launch through my mum, who is perhaps the biggest mediaphobe I know (she refers to my sports journalism as ‘the writing thing’).

Thousands of selected bloggers contribute to the site every day and the last time I was in the company of thousands of competitors I came out on top – out-swimming A LOT of other sperm cells all those years ago.

Okay, I’m aware I may have to tone it down a little if I’m to become involved with HP.  By HP I mean The Huffington Post, not the ink manufacturer or the brown sauce people for that matter.

Unpaid journalism is what I do best and why not do it for one of the best blogging platforms in the world?  Of course I am brilliant at paid journalism as well!

Unfortunately, bits of ugly rubbish have washed up in the corners of this new literary lake – Online Journalism Blog describing the site as:

‘Scrappy-Doo at a cocktail party.’

I’m ignoring the negatives.  HuffPo is new and exciting, it’s a step forward for copywriters up and down the country and for somebody like me desperately trying to get somewhere in this industry, The Huffington Post is the springiest of springboards.

Note: The Scrappy-Doo comment made by Online Journalism Blog is one of observation and not a criticism on their part – I still love you Online Journalism Blog people!

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