The Intern’s Encore

After an eight hour day of coffee running, filing and typing – the modern day intern should stay behind and work another eight hours! Do whatever it takes to grab that paid position.

If you’re lucky enough to have an internship at an SEO company or anywhere for that matter – then pro-actively use the position as a crowbar to prise open the door into a paid career.

Stay behind after hours and finish every job in every area.  Obviously don’t interfere with tasks from other departments but help out where you can.  Try and avoid the Friday afternoon pub lunch with the full-timers if you have outstanding duties to fulfil (still, a bit off socialising can also be healthy – attend one pub lunch per month maybe).

If the office cleaners kick you out the building then take your work home with you.  A lot of PR tasks can be done from a laptop with a hot drink.  If you have no jobs left over, then prepare for the next day by putting together a schedule.

Blog about your experiences in the office and do so in a positive way.  Fill in for anybody pulling a sickie and say ‘yes’ to anything your superior asks you to do (within reason of course).

All this effort does not go unnoticed and does not get taken for granted.  Soon enough you’ll be covering maternity leave or something and the situation will snowball into a prosperous career.

The most important thing to do is carry that attitude into your career when you are finally getting paid – eventually you will have an intern working for you and can pub-lunch as much as you like!

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