Opinion: Andy Murray’s Stubble Trouble

Andy Murray and his weird beard was the subject of discussion at a press conference last week.  The Scot was fairly glum and unimpressed by a certain journo’s remarks…

…then again, he’s glum and unimpressed most of the time anyway so perhaps he enjoyed the banter – there’s really no way to tell!

Murray was whiskers away from reaching the Wimbledon final recently, losing out to Rafael Nadal in the semis.  He was sporting a kind of John McCririck/Wolverine look during the tournament and attracted some rough criticism as a result.

Former Davis Cup captain David Lloyd, reportedly suggested Murray could benefit from a clean-shaven look.  A daring journo repeated the comment at a press conference (see link below) and Murray’s grizzly reaction made the whole thing feel like a cringey scene from The Office.

You don’t need hawk-eye to tell you Murray needs a shave but leave the lad alone, he obviously couldn’t care less about his face.  Murray is perhaps the most miserable sportsman of our generation but charisma and good grooming habits will not win grand slam tournaments.

If Roger Federer is the Mach 3 of tennis then Murray is undoubtedly the Bic, he may not have the aloe-vera strips and vibrating handle but he gets the job done and we like him for that!

Anyway, the awkwardness he creates in the video on BBC’s website is much better to watch than a smooth set of chops.

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