How to Find Good Copywriting Blogs

Finding bloggers is easy. Finding the best bloggers takes a little bit of scouring – but not much.

Although I think Brian Clark would probably like to think of Copyblogger as an exclusive underground club for content – it has naturally developed into the copywriter’s Serengeti.

With the exception of a few weathered legends like Drayton Bird or John Carlton, every writer I followed in 2013 was found through Copyblogger.

Whether that’s because they guest-blogged an incredible 800-worder or posted a blinding comment – I caught wind of them somewhere on the savannas of Leave Lame Behind.

At face value, here’s what you’ll get from the average Copyblogger post:

  • Insight into something cool about content marketing
  • A valuable lesson delivered with precision
  • Another reason to sign up to Authority

But look beyond that and you’ll get so much more:

  • An author, who is real, proven, and probably has a personal blog
  • A reference to another remarkable writer within the copy
  • A list of comments from people just like you, the author and everyone else in between – all of who probably have blogs and/or recommendations

UPDATE (24 March 2014): Copyblogger actually went ahead and removed comments … meaning my final point can no longer be applied to that particular site. Still, the lessons here are transferable to other great websites. I highly recommend diving into the comments over at Blog Tyrant to find good copywriting blogs.

Look even further and you’ll never stop hunting down the advice you’re after – because all of these people share their insight on G+. And they’re all sound.

After taking this predatory approach to just a couple of posts, you’ll have a list of classy bloggers too big to follow properly –  which is why you need to set up a decent Digg reader.

What’s your approach to hunting down quality bloggers? Share your secrets in the comments.


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