Name: Rob Philbin
Role: Copywriter
Location: Merseyside

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Are you a new copywriter looking for help?

If you’re not a threat to society, then I’m good to meet with you anywhere on Merseyside. Copywriter jobs aren’t so easy to come by in the North West, so if you’re a n00b looking for a break, please get in touch. I’d be happy to help you out.

When I was just a green copywriter from Merseyside, somebody threw me a lifeline,,I might just be able to do the same for you.

Take a bite out of Google+ already …

In my job as a copywriter, social media is like a big chocolaty dessert.

I turned up at the table for a loaded plate of copy,,but I’m a northerner – and I’ve always got my mind on the ‘afters’.

Google+ is the warm chocolate fudge cake. Yes, the Facebook Sundae or Twitter Sponge might take my fancy now and then,,but I’ll always have room for a bit of fudge cake. Are you with me?

In September 2013, Google announced that you could embed posts from your profile into a WordPress site (like this one).

I’ve given it a go here:

Not bad for a copywriter Merseyside chewed up and spat out onto the internet.

One of the top web writers in the world, Mike Elgan, has already ditched his entire blog and moved over to G+ fulltime.

Now, I’m not saying you should do that* – but I am saying you should spend more hours on the site.

I’m always stuffing my face with G+ knowledge and passing it on.

You can benefit from everything I share – just add me to your circles and start tucking into the social network more often.

If you’re not licking the metaphorical spoon within a week of regular G+ activity, then send me an email with your reasons why. I’d love to get more opinions on it.

*I’d never recommend swapping your blog for Google+. In fact, I agree with Demian Farnworth when it comes to this. See more about that old G+ versus blogging debate here.