T for Test

I’ve been writing some quality stuff for Connex Education lately, focusing mainly on tips for exam season.  The test of writing about tests is testing when considering I haven’t taken a test for over three years – but I still have the testes to do it.

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U for Upside-down

Working a part-time job alongside your writing is essential to survival when starting out – unfortunately, not a lot of money falls to the bottom of the writing ladder.  I work as a salesperson in an electrical store to fund my life…I say ‘life’ by which I mean my car. Continue reading

V for Volunteer

When I used to think of volunteers, I imagined charismatic backpackers, wearing charity t-shirts and handing out leaflets.  Do-gooders who do good for the sake of claiming they do some good (apologies for such a generalisation).

Now, after volunteering over the past year I know there is a lot more to it.  Doing what I love (writing) for a professional service like JDG Media has opened enough doors for me, that I now come across paid writing opportunities, admittedly these aren’t as frequent as I’d like but that will change with time!

I have developed charisma that exceeds the leaflet givers discussed earlier.  I can type faster than ever before.  I have a CV over three times the size of my post-graduate resume.  Most of all – I enjoy going to work.

All this was made possible through volunteering, proactively forcing myself into an industry which has seen me interview sports stars backstage at the O2,  Echo and National Indoor Arena.  I’ve worked with SKY Sports and Granada Reports – before I volunteered, the closest I came to this was my fictional career as AC Milan’s manager on FIFA 10.

If you want to do something, go and do it for free.  Sooner or later a vacancy will come up and you’ll be the number one candidate.  The worst that can happen is you’ll end up back where you were before you started volunteering.

An American study showed that just 45% people liked their jobs.  I bet 100% of volunteers enjoy their unpaid jobs – it beats paying for a hated masters degree  and can be a much quicker route to success.

Doing something you love and getting paid is the dream.  Still, doing something you love for free, is a healthy substitute when starting out.